Our Services

Our Services

Forget Me Not Home Services Ltd provide home care services in each individual’s home. This will include:

  • Shopping
  • Personal care
  • Transport to and from appointments
  • Assistance with completing forms
  • Light housework including washing and ironing
  • Sleep nights
  • Wake nights
  • Assistance with medication, including collecting and reordering as well as prompting, assisting and administering
  • Dog walking
  • Looking after empty properties when clients are in hospital
  • End of life care
  • Welfare checks
  • Sit ins
  • Block visits to free loved ones up
  • Accompanying to social appointments
  • Many more – please feel free to enquire.

We see the individual’s family as care partners and will engage with them to provide services that meet the needs of the individual and key people. Forget Me Not Home Services Ltd provides an inclusive and personalised service, completing an initial assessment of each individual’s needs and preferences prior to our services being arranged.

How We Work

After initial contact, a member of staff will come out to conduct an initial meeting with the client and family members or carers. We are very happy to work alongside any agency at this meeting and we will discuss a programme of care, putting in place a small local team to carry out this programme. Initially, a one monthly review will be put in place.

Individual Service Funds – Information for Our Customers

What is an Individual Service Fund?

An Individual Service Fund (ISF) is another way in which an individual can manage a personal budget. The individual benefits from a more flexible service, without the responsibility of managing their own personal budget. The individual can choose which company delivers their care and manages their ISF.

How does it differ from a council managed system?
Under a council managed system, individuals can only choose from a list of organisations that are registered with the council and have a contract to deliver care. Due to recent changes in how the tender system is managed, some customers are finding that their usual provider is no longer allowed to deliver their care and have been told that their care provider is changing.

How is an ISF different from a personal budget? How does it work?
With a personal budget or direct payment scheme, the individual is responsible for managing their own money. Under an Individual Service Fund agreement, the ISF is paid directly to the care provider, who will then hold and manage it in a separate trust account. The care provider works with the individual to agree services that meet the individual’s Support Plan. This may involve delivering personal care and support, as well as outsourcing to other organisations for the purchase of equipment or other types of support.

The provider is responsible for liaising with the council to provide audit information and for using the ISF to pay for other services that the individual requires. The organisation is also accountable to the individual for how their money has been spent, and must be able to provide evidence of this.

How much will it cost?
The cost of care provided will be at the current private rate per hour. In addition to this there will be a 5% administration charge made by the organisation for costs associated with managing the Individual Service Fund.

What should I do now?
If you are interested in setting up an Individual Service Fund then you can contact your Social Worker, or Customer First to arrange this. If you would like Forget Me Not to support you with this process, please feel free to contact us and we can help you to liaise with Adult Community Services.

For more information, please do call us on 01473 829977 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

What Our Customers Say

For the past 18months my mother has received care from Karen and her group of carers. They are kind, conscientious and caring and we know we can rely on them to visit my mum when they are due to.

Communication is great, and if there is ever a problem, we know they will contact us immediately. Also, they have taken on extra tasks and increased care with no problem, and always seem cheerful and happy to help.

I am a nurse, and having worked within the home care sector for almost 20 years, I am more than satisfied with the care my mum receives, and would not hesitate in recommending this care agency to anyone who asks."

Gill Gladwell RN

Forget-me-not Home Services have been looking after my mother for over two years. My mother is 91 years old and is suffering from a degree of dementia. The carers are all very kind and friendly and are extremely efficient, both in preparing meals and looking after the house. Above all they spend a good deal of time chatting to my mother which has helped her condition and given her the company she needs.

Mrs Francis has also been very helpful at times when my mother has been ill and has always managed to fit in with her needs with sleepovers and extra care. I am extremely satisfied with the care that is provided."